Need to Embrace Change and Spontaneity with GL Skye

This show featured
GL Skye – Author
Geospatial Intelligence Specialist
US Army Retired
Focused on the
Need to Embrace Change and Spontaneity
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We endured technical difficulties withe the telephone lines which delayed Guy from joining us until halfway into the show.
Will kicked off with some commentary on the critical point of healthcare advocates, having a combined advanced directive, will and legal power of attorney no matter what your age or health status.
Will also began the thread of discussion regarding the reason, method and application of a scientifically developed disaster readiness plan and how its execution is your best course to safety.
Once Guy was able to connect, Will and Guy discussed the idea of a scientific readiness plan. Careful assessment of the geographical, physical obstacles, social risks, and many other factors in order to plot a series of plans that are easily executed under pressure. As Guy says, “the core of calm”.
They delved into the intricacies and phenomenal possibilities that geospatial intelligence bring to the table. When you are planning a bugout, encampment, refuge, retreat of just your primary living location, GEOINT is an invaluable tool.